President's Message

President's Message

Dear IMA Members,
Dear International Finance Professionals,

Today I would like to update you on the work of IMA Germany for 2012 and our plans for 2013.

IMA Germany is special within IMA in that our members are unusually high-caliber, experienced and successful. This along with exceptional speakers made our meetings in 2012 especially interesting - both professionally as well as regards to networking. And we could live our mission: 

IMA Germany – the place for international finance professionals to meet and exchange ideas.

Looking forward we can note that:

  • At the annual meeting in Frankfurt in December 2012 the following members volunteered their services:

-       Niko H. Kaden as President - and Regional Coordinator Stuttgart

-       Thorsten Pruin as VP of Membership  - and Regional Coordinator Frankfurt

-       David Fairchild as Treasurer and Secretary - and Regional Coordinator Munich

-       Niels Dechow - Regional Coordinator Düsseldorf

-       Florian Kohfink - Director

-       Mark Redding - Director


In addition, Axel Hangg serves as the Regional Coordinator for Berlin.

  • We will continue our close working relationship with the IMA EMEA director, Nina Michels-Kim who is based in Zurich. This cooperation is important to utilize the global IMA organization to support us as we work to grow the chapter in Germany.
  • We plan to increase our outreach to our members and the internationally oriented business community by setting up our own chapter homepage within the IMA global homepage.

Both the board of IMA Germany and the dedicated members of the global IMA organization in the USA and Europe are committed to making your IMA membership valuable for you – both professionally and personally.

Sincerely yours,

Niko H. Kaden, CMA CPA
Chapter President